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Cats & Chats

Cats & Chats

A brief, incoherent and passionate introduction to Cats & Chats

Cats & Chats is an intermittent interview section I created to express two of my passions; cats, and talking about important issues with everyday people and their feline friends.

My love story with cats of course starts with a very special black and white cat named Bridge. She, like many kittens, was left for dead near a busy road. It’s a miracle she even managed to survive.

My mother and I picked her up as she was attempting to ‘play’ with the cars racing by on the road and took her home. I fell in love with her instantly.

 Bridge and I, 4 years after I found her

Bridge and I, 4 years after I found her

But not many cats get this lucky.

Many kittens are left for dead on the side of the road or in a basket on a doorstep or sent to the pound. This is the result of negligence and misunderstanding from people. Cats are not evil by nature.

According to recent research, feral cats now populate roughly 99.8% of Australia. This is a detriment to our native flora and fauna and our natural environment.

But what can we do about this?

Raising awareness and getting as many cats desexed as possible is the best thing we can do. Bridge could have easily lived a very short life or become a feral cat destroying our beautiful environment here in Australia. So many kittens face this fate every single day and so little is being done to help them. 

I hope that one day this little section on my little blog might be able to create some good in this world. I might be able to help cats like my Bridge find a place in this world.

Check out my blog next week for the first Cats & Chats interview where I talk to a very handsome ginger cat and his owner. 

And if you want to learn more about street cats whilst also watching a gorgeously shot and endearing documentary, why not head over to youtube and check out Kedi (no I'm not sponsored but this documentary is amazing) 

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