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Welcome to my blog, where I document my writing and crazed ramblings. I hope you find something weird and wonderful to enjoy here!

Need a copy editor?

Need a copy editor?

What can I do for you?

Words. They draw you in, spin you away and either etch themselves onto your soul or disappear without a trace. If you want your words to have impact-whether they be for your blog, website or creative piece-you’ve come to the right place.

I am here to help you with all the little things from grammar, tense and voice, all the way through to the bigger stuff, surrounding content and marketing.

Do you have an issue but don’t know how to fix it? Maybe your spelling and grammar isn’t good but the words beneath are beautiful. Or maybe there are things you haven’t even noticed yet. I can help guide you through it all, working with you to create a product YOU are happy with, and that will read well with others.

Why hire me?

I am about to finish my Bachelor of Creative Writing at USC, where I learned a range of writing techniques. I have experience in copy editing, substantive editing, content creating for blogs and websites, journalism, and all kinds of creative writing (with a fondness for novels).

I am happy to work with all kinds of writing, from creative pieces, business websites and academic pieces.

I am passionate, driven and pride myself on my reliability and work ethic. I will work with you to ensure your writing and content are the best they can be.

Please enquire at hannbuckle@gmail.com for prices and packaging information.

I look forward to hearing all about you and your writing!

Blackout Poetry

Blackout Poetry